Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yeah, But Can I Read It in the Pool?

[Above: The Shark-O-Lounger (r)]

Just a passing thought in 102-degree weather in Tucson.

I've been holed up in the Sonoran desert in Arizona finishing a book. The highlight of the morning for me is to get the Times, get an iced tea, and settle into the Shark-O-Lounger (r) pool-float to read the paper for an hour before getting back to work.

Yeah, I know print is doomed, yada-yada-yada.

But can anyone tell me how I'm going to read my paper online, in the pool? Or in bright sunlight?



John said...

You could read it on a Kindle. It works quite well in bright sunlight. I have not tested my Kindle underwater, but then, I've never had much luck reading a paper edition of the NY Times after accidentally dropping it in a pool.

HatCat said...

Electronic media has its place, no doubt.

Being a subscriber to PC Magazine (now only in digital form) and Aviation Week (print & digital) I've had a few months experience with the "print is dead" option.

So far, for me: mixed results. Previewing Aviation Week digitally before I get my print copy is handy but I don't browse through the issue like I do with a printed copy (advertisers should note that).

PC Mag being all digital now I don't find myself reading it "cover to cover" as I often did in the past.

Worse, taking my laptop with me into the "reading room" (toilet) at work or home isn't a very good solution over a printed copy. And can you imagine what your doctor or dentist's waiting room will be stocked with? What will we have to read? Insurance brochures? Tomes on the joys of tooth implants?

Newspapers I'm more ambivalent about - I get most of my news from the web these days already and most newspapers use the same sources across the country plus the advertising greatly crowds out the news for space on the pages.

Just my two pesos.