Tuesday, November 17, 2009

'SeatGuru' Picks 5 'Top' Airports ... Miami? Las Vegas? ... Really??

I take online ratings reviews with the usual big bolder of salt, but SeatGuru.com really is stretching my salt-tolerance today with an announcement of its choice for the five top airports "to be stuck at" if you experience flight delays over the holidays. (Oh, the old holiday flight delays twist, even though flight delays have been dropping for a year and holiday travel is widely expected to be well off from previous levels).

Are you ready for this? SeatGuru founder Matt Daimler says, "We've picked these airports because of their amenities and attractions designed to help travelers relax and be entertained and pampered during any unfortunate, extended layovers."

Its "Top Five" Airports:

San Francisco ("Really? Number One?"); Salt Lake City ("Hey, can I get a drink here?"); Portland; Las Vegas McCarran ("Really? Number Four?") and ... wait for it: Miami!

Yes, Miami. Seriously.


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