Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Air-Travel 'Crunch?' ... Green Skies, Nothin' But Green Skies, All Holiday Long

At 5 p.m. EST today, the FAA flight delays real-time map showed a continent of green dots -- green marking the airports where no flight delays are being reported.

The media hysterics will need to find a new holiday crisis to wail about, as the much-ballyhood "Thanksgiving air-travel crunch" turned out to be a nice, slow period with virtually no delays in a system that operated smoothly. Air travel, as predicted by people who actually look at the data, was off significantly from last year.

As of 5 p.m., the only commercial airport reporting even minor delays was Kennedy, on international departures. The only other airport reporting any delays was Teterboro in New Jersey -- a big private-aviation airport. So the way I read it, the only crunch of any significance was in ... corporate jets and other private jets bringing the swells back from their holidays.


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