Monday, April 19, 2010

Very Slowly, Airlines in Europe Staggering Back to the Skies

[Update: European airspace is gradually being reopened as narrower boundaries are being drawn to mark the no-fly zone affected by volcanic ash.]

European airlines are announcing limited returns to service, with some planning flights as early as tonight.

Here are some of the current announcements:

Air France:

"Air France is intending to operate the following flights on departure from and arriving at French provincial airports:

Dubai, AF 4178, leaving from Bordeaux at 23:00

Beirut, AF 4164, leaving from Bordeaux at 16:00

Pointe-à-Pitre, AF 4160, leaving from Bordeaux at 14:00

Montréal, AF 4166, leaving from Bordeaux at 19:00

New York-JFK, AF 4180, leaving from Toulouse at 15:00

New York-JFK, AF 4184, leaving from Toulouse at 21:00

Washington, AF 4182, leaving from Toulouse at 18:00

Boston, AF4186, leaving from Toulouse at 23:00

For customers wishing to take these flights and who have a reservation, coaches leaving from Paris-Charles de Gaulle (Terminal 2E, check-in area number 7) will take them to the airports concerned on a space-available basis at the following times:

Monday April 19:

- 10 p.m. for flights AF 4180 to New York-JFK and AF 4182 to Washington

- 11 p.m. for flights AF 4160 to Pointe-à-Pitre, AF 4164 to Beirut and AF 4166 to Montreal

Tuesday 20 April:

- 7:00 a.m. for flights AF 4178 to Dubai, AF 4184 to New York-JFK and AF 4186 to Boston.

Arrival of 22 flights:

Bangkok, AF 173, arriving in Bordeaux at 06:00

Saint Martin, AF 3515, arriving in Bordeaux at 08:10

Santo-Domingo, AF 3525, arriving in Bordeaux at 11: 00

Douala, AF 173, arriving in Bordeaux at 06:10

New York-JFK, AF 4169, arriving in Toulouse at 10:00

Dakar, AF 4171, arriving in Toulouse at 08:00

Fort-de-France, AF 4163, arriving in Toulouse at 6:00

Rio de Janeiro, AF 445, arriving in Toulouse at 11:15

San Francisco, AF 083, arriving in Toulouse at 13:00

Saint-Denis de la Réunion, AF 4173, arriving in Toulouse at 21:00

Santiago de Chile, AF 401, arriving in Marseille at 11:20

Miami, AF 695, arriving in Marseille at 08:10

Buenos Aires, AF 417, arriving in Nice at 11:00

Abidjan, AF 703, arriving in Nice at 05:35

Washington, AF 039, arriving in Nice at 07:50

Bombay, AF 217, arriving in Nice at 08:05

Bamako, AF 3093, arriving in Pau at 06:05

Dubai, AF 4179, arriving in Pau at 14:40

Riyadh, AF 3863, arriving in Montpellier at 06:10

Malabo, AF 3009, arriving in Montpellier at 05:40

N’Djamena, AF 559, arriving in Montpellier at 06:10

Nouakchott, AF 3027, arriving in Montpellier at 05:50"


British Airways:

"British Airways will aim to resume some flights into and out of London's airports from 7 p.m. on Tuesday April 20 following the proposed reopening of UK and European airspace by the aviation authorities.

We are working on detailed plans to help as many customers as possible who have been unable to fly due to the unprecedented circumstances that have faced all airlines operating in northern Europe over the last five days.

... Tomorrow, we will aim to operate long-haul departures that were scheduled to depart after 4 p.m. and short-haul departures scheduled to depart after 7 p.m.. This will however be subject to the full and permanent opening of airspace.

All flights before these times have been canceled.

We have more than 80 aircraft and almost 3,000 cabin crew and pilots out of position overseas across our global network.

All of these aircraft will require detailed checks before they are cleared to enter service again.

Inevitably, this will mean some delays and we ask for our customers' patience and understanding in these very difficult circumstances.

Customers should check their exact flight details on and only come to the airport if they have a booking and their flight is operating.

Customers booked to travel on a canceled flight can claim a full refund or rebook their flight for a later date."

Virgin Atlantic

"Virgin Atlantic is currently working on its contingency plans, following the announcement by NATS that air space may open in the south of the UK tomorrow evening.

As such, Virgin Atlantic plans to operate a number of flights tomorrow once airspace has re-opened. Our priority will be to get as many passengers back their country of residence as quickly as possible. In the meantime all flights in and out of the UK remain canceled.

As soon as plans are confirmed further information will be published on the Virgin Atlantic website so passengers should check this for the latest flight information.

We strongly urge passengers not to travel to the airport over the next few days unless they have a confirmed booking on a flight which is confirmed to operate."


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