Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heads-Up On Air Travel to/from Europe

[UPDATE 6 pm London time: Air travel chaos in Europe could continue through tomorrow, says the Times of London in this update on the situation. Paris airports closing later tonight.]

If it's not one thing it's another.

An erupting volcano in Iceland spewed ash into the atmosphere and has shut down airports in western Europe, including Heathrow. All flights in Britain have been grounded.

The eruption in Iceland occurred at a volcano over a glacier at Eyiajjallajokull in the southern part of the country. There was a previous significant eruption at that spot in 1821. It's near a much bigger volcano, Mr. Katla, and there is some worry that a second eruption could occur there.

The mess is ongoing as the ash drifts south across the UK. If you're flying to or from western Europe, you need to carefully check flight information.

Here's some useful information on the eruption from the Weather Channel.

Here's the report in the Independent newspaper with some information on the path of the ash-cloud, and the closing of UK airspace to all except emergency flights.


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