Thursday, May 06, 2010

More Fun & Games at the TSA

[UPDATE: See correction in post above about the image of the woman.]

Hey, not to worry about those strip-search machines the TSA is busily awarding contracts for. They can't be abused, the TSA insists. Also, they don't show "detail," the agency says, sticking its fingers in its ears and singing "la-la-la" about that official image above from a TSA body scanner.

So pay no attention to this smirky local TV report about an incident at the Miami airport where a TSA supervisor ridiculed a co-worker's genitalia during a training session on body scanners. A Three Stooges style incident ensued. Your tax dollars at work!

The TSA, of course, has been without a permanent director for 16 months and is still being run by the same people who have run it through all of the past embarrassments,


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Anonymous said...

You definitely establish the argument against the idea that bloggers are journalists by depicting an already-debunked idea that the image of the female in your blog is something these scanners see. Your picture is actually nothing more than an image of an actually naked woman with the picture edited to show in x-ray manner. TSA's system for privacy is not the same as that used for its personnel training. At worst, the incident in Miami illustrates the need for the same degree of anonymity for their training sessions as is in place for passenger screening. For the guy who got his butt kicked for teasing his colleague over alleged small manhood - you deserved it. Does one order a pizza and react with surprise when a pizza is delivered? For the guy who took the ribbing and kicked the supervisor's butt - I'd call it justifiable - getting razzed like that would probably set off most men. Given the known political sensitivity of this particular screening technology, the supervisor should be summarily fired for opening the door to this whole unnewsworthy fiasco.