Monday, May 31, 2010

Union at British Airways Threatens Further Disruptions

A dispute over travel perks -- that is, the traditional free airplane rides for employees -- could mean continuous disruption at British Airways this summer, the union for striking B.A. flight attendants said. Here's a link.

At many airlines, including B.A., the reduction in availability of free travel has created serious morale problems for staff. At some airlines, they call the desk where flight attendants and pilots apply for free travel "the wailing wall."

British Airways flight attendants started their second five-day strike yesterday. Others are planned.

Unaccountably, British Airways has failed to update its online customer-service information on the situation for five days. What, nobody working today?


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Jerry Hannon said...

As another Vietnam Veteran, who served because it was the right thing to do and not because I really wanted to, I want to thank you for your posting relating to Chicken Hawks.

I may disagree with John McCain on many things, but I know that he was willing to put his neck on the line, in a combat zone, for his country.

People like Cheney and the other radical right mouthpieces really sicken me, as they are so willing for somebody else to die, but never them.

In addition, few of these phony "patriots" have ever really cared about the troops and their families, and it has fallen to mostly Democrats (I am a Republican, by the way) and a few principled Republicans to take action to support service members and their families, and that means both during, and after, they go into harm's way.

To remember and support our troops is much more than simply a verbal gesture of thanks; it is a commitment to act upon what is right for these brave men and women.