Saturday, May 15, 2010

As Britain Weighs More Airspace Closings, Are Volcanic Ash Disruptions in Skies of Europe the 'New Normal'?

Heads-up for anyone bound to or from Britain in the next few days.

The British government says that UK airspace may be subject to more closings starting tomorrow, thanks to the ash cloud from continuing volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Flights at both Heathrow and Gatwick airports would be affected, possibly through Tuesday, says the Department of Transport.

However, according to this report in the London Times, the agency says that the situation is "fluid" and forecasts could change.

[UPDATE: Here's a better story in today's Telegraph, WHICH REPORTS:

"The prediction of closures from Sunday until Tuesday morning is based on continuing volcanic activity in Iceland and prevailing weather conditions.

The Department of Transport said: `Within this time frame, different parts of UK airspace – including airspace in the South East – are likely to be closed at different times.'"]


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