Saturday, July 28, 2007

Blasted at Blast-Off

OK, if war is the most extreme form of business travel, riding the Space Shuttle is the most absurd.

I mean, come on! Ridiculing the Space Shuttle is way too easy.

N.A.S.A. admits astronauts were drunk at takeoff. (Let's leave aside the argument that intoxication is the only reasonable explanation for getting onto one of those death traps in the first place).

As regards the Space Shuttle and its levitating lean-to, the Space Station: Many experts feel they are made-for-TV boondoggles that have diverted a staggering sum of taxpayer money away from serious scientific pursuits of mysteries of the universe (and from other more pressing needs as well).

Let's see now. You basically strap a bunch of humans into a big tin can and strap a bunch of glorified firecrackers onto it and, blast off!

Now where have we seen that done before? (Oh, above. Vehicle courtesy of the Acme Company's Rocket Sled division).

Here's a party stumper: Ask people how high the Space Station actually is. Waaaaay out there in Outer Space, right?

Nah -- that pile of junk is actually barely in orbit, at about 210 miles in altitude (or the distance between New York and Boston). It requires regular goosing just to keep it from falling.

Here, from Wikipedia,
is the argument against spending one more dime on this.



Cassandra_Moderna said...

That's a good one - hahaha! Hard to believe, isn't it. What next? Joints on board?

Anonymous said...

Look, I agree that drinking and driving, flying, or operating any dangerous machinery is indefensible. But let's not use this to call into question the entire premise of manned space flight. There is a larger debate these days regarding the cost - benefit ratio of manned verses unmanned spaceflight. I fall firmly in favor of manned flight. Why? Manifest destiny! It is mankind's nature to explore God's creation to its fullest, just as explorers throughout history have done. You may argue we have not finished exploring our own earth, and I would agree! However, this is not a rational reason to wait on the exploration beyond our earth.
To the stars! Let's find out what's out there man!