Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Breaking: Plane Crashes in Brazil

From AP reports:

SAO PAULO, Brazil (AP) - A plane carrying at least 150 people crashed after landing at Sao Paulo's Congonhas Airport Tuesday, Brazil's airport authority said.
The TAM Airline Airbus-320 apparently skidded off the runway and crashed into buildings outside the airport, said Jose Leonardi Mota, a spokesman with airport authority Infraero.



jarsgirl said...

here we go again...why do you hate us so much?

Xereta said...

Hey, Joe!

Now that there are no americans for Lula to blaime, we wonder what his excuse is going to be...

Sad, very sad :(

Virtual Entrepreneur

Ricardo said...

Keep an eye in a very important issue: Fire combat - One thing is fire prevention another is fire fighting... If you watch a video of this new plane crash in Brazil you will notice just one or two hoses delivering a faint water flow over the blase... What a diference when you see a Fire Engine Operation in a "Developed Country"...

Ricardo said...

"difference" - Joe, kindy edit my prior text accordingly.


Felipe said...

Actually, the plane crashed into the TAM EXPRESS building that is located on the other side of Washington Luis Avenue and there was an explosion on the gas station next to that building. 176 people were on board and so far they have confirmed 12 dead and 12 injured. However, the governor has said that the chance of any survivors is close to none.
Look at the upper left corner of this picture for the location of the crash: http://local.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&geocode=&q=sao+paulo,+brazil&ie=UTF8&ll=-23.620512,-46.660255&spn=0.002831,0.005879&t=k&z=18&om=1

Bo said...


The real question should be "why do you people hate americans so much?"

Shouldn't it?? Afterall, who started blaming the american pilots BEFORE an investigation even began?!

Who is continuing to indict the american pilots despite the FACTS and TESTIMONY by Brazilians that the ATC system itself as well as both the actions and inactions by the Brazilian ATC's were the primary causes of the accident?

If you remember my dear jarsgirl, there were people actually saying shortly after the accident, "If this would've been a brazilian pilot in the U.S. they'd be calling him a terrorist!!"

The ignorance truly impresses!

Sonia said...

You got Brazil as a target and objective of your writing, I suppose. What's wrong with you? I haven't seen your comments on other crashes and tragedies all over the world... why are you picking on Brazil... all the time? Can't you see the problems we have here in the U.S.? Can't you use your writing abilities to really make a difference?

Tobias said...

Hey Joe,

Excuse me, but I should't let off to comment that's fact. Sadly another airplane accident was in Brazil, but you haven't say things that you don't know about that.
The truth is that happened a very incorrect thing at the airport, because the way was with water, so
ocorred that.

But, really, you don't like of the Brazil ? So you should to write about another countries, or, better, you shoulden start to write about the war between USA and Iraque. Who knows you will see the really truth, and how your lovely country is so good, and so developed.