Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Brazil: Lessons Not Learned

From Folha Online today: The Governor of São Paulo, José Serra, has already ordered a criminal investigation of the accident, by the State Prosecutors' Office and the Civil Police, he says he expects the aviation sector authorities to investigate the case as well.

From a statement by the International Federation of Air Line Pilots Associations (IALPA) criticizing the criminalization of the Sept. 29 accident as "fundamentally flawed:"

"IFALPA believes that in any accident it is vital that an independent technical investigation carried out by experts in air accident investigation must be completed before any criminal or civil action is pursued. To pre-empt the results of a expert technical investigation with a judicial investigation which may not be technically competent is counter productive to improvement of air safety."

Also see this 2002 report for the National Transportation Safety Bar Association on the dangers of criminalizing an aviation accident unless clear criminal intent is evident from the start.
(For clarity, I'm posting this on this blog as well as on my separate Brazil blog because I'm having nothing but trouble with the Blogger typography on the Brazil blog, which won't let me do paragraph separations.)


diegocc said...

US is not any example of lesson learned at all, just look at you governament ridiculous Iraq WAR and many oyher mass kills promoted daily is name os you'r weapons industries and megomaniac posture ... I agree that it's a great tragedy fot Brazil but you'r country tragedy affects much more other innocent people AND COUNTRIES with no purpose and seem that none is you will never learn this lesson. Thanks for you'r concern and please you and you'r people try to learn you'r lessons before to talk to others to do so!

Thiago said...

Lessons not learned by US, in attack IRAQ, IRAN, AFGHANISTAN anda other countries.

Lessons not learned to give other Bush the opportunity to make other war.

Lessons not learned...

Allycat said...

Oh but they learn their lesson. They learn it as soon as grade school like Columbine and later they especialize in Virginia Tech!

Now now, don't go shutting off your transponder! Unless you're Pegasus heading for a fraking Cylon Basestar Ship.

As for the Gol flight, what a pitty it was not the other way around. The big one putting down the small bird. At least we would be spared from prejudicial comments.

Bo said...

and there it is!!! The war in Iraq!! Can anyone tell me what in the living hell that has to do with anything?

Thales said...

This analysis you made was completely unnecessary. Suffice to say the whole of Brazil is in chock once again with an air accident, your comments will not help anyone, including the families involved in this air accident and that of the previous one (in which you were involved).

This event comes a blow to a nation that wants to come to its feet after year of underdevelopment.

However, no one in Brazil cares about your comments; people all over the US will read it and take the wrong conclusions based on your biased view.

You survive a plane crash, go through it without a scratch and now you come with this mockery?

You make mockery of what is fresh enough in peoples mind, such as the accident over the Amazon forest let alone yesterday’s.

You’ve proved a point, fair enough the Brazilian air system is in shambles. Now what? Are you going to make the whole nation forget the lives of those who died in the accident? Are you going to provide the families with comfort and help? No!

You should keep your comments, views, cold sarcasm (which is often called black humour). Sod you, cold blooded avenging ***!

Cris said...

GO, JOE, GO! "no one in Brazil cares about your comments"??? BULLSHIT! I am brazilian, and I care about them. Spread out my indignation. There are MANY decent people in Brazil that are absolutely TIRED of so many GOVERNMENTAL INCOMPETENCE, CORRUPTION, NEGLIGENCE, LIES: this is Brazil. We don't know how many people will have to die in plane crashes till anything be done against this shameless situation (as if our economic and social underdevelopment weren't enough).

Cassandra_Moderna said...

Paragraph separations. Hit the enter key after the end of your paragraph. Type a period or any character. Use the cursor to highlight the character. Go to the text colors and choose white. Hit the enter key and start your next paragraph. If you want to indent the paragraph, type characters and then make them white. It is a pain in the butt, but it works. I do it.

Cassandra_Moderna said...

You don't need to publish this comment, Mr. Sharkey, but I do want to thank you for keeping up your blog about the situation here in Brazil, and for publishing technical information, too. I also read the Brazilian magazines, but apparently many of the Brazilians who comment do not read them or they only notice what they want to notice, because nearly all of the information you have provided is also to be found in these magazines. You have to look past the hype and get down to the real data. But, also, rational discussion about this here seems to be nearly impossible. Not entirely, but nearly. Also, Brazilians are so frustrated beyond anything you can imagine by the problems here.