Monday, August 06, 2007

Sarkozy: What I Did On My Summer Vacation

France's new right-wing president, Nicolas Sarkozy, ran for office with an image campaign that depicted him as the man on a white horse. But you can trust me on this: That ain't a horse M. Sarkozy is riding (above).

It is a pony.

And if you look at the video from which the above still is taken (sorry, no link available), you will see that the great equestrian is bouncing around on his saddle at a slow canter while trying to balance himself with a tight rein. Meaning the poor horse -- I mean, pony -- is getting thumped on its back and yanked on its mouth. That's the definition of lousy horsemanship.

Dismounted, Mr. Sarkozy recently shocked the French establishment by taking a summer vacation at an expensive lakefront estate in New Hampshire. While on his boat Sunday on Lake Winnipesaukee, N.H., Sarkozy "lost his temper with two American news photographers covering his vacation, jumping onto their boat and scolding them loudly in French," according to WBZ Radio in Boston, which interviewed the photographers.

The photographers had received permission from a security patrol boat to photograph Sarkozy from a distance. The men said they watched through their lenses as Sarkozy gestured toward them and his boat began moving in their direction. Coming alongside the photographers' boat, an infuriated Sarkozy, clad in swim trunks, jumped on board and began shouting at them in French, which neither photographer understood

[My note: To their credit, the photographers whose boat was illegally boarded by the crazed Frenchman did not shout after him: " .... and the horse -- er, pony -- you rode in on!"]


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