Thursday, August 09, 2007

Risking a Delay of Game Penalty?

Audacity, the old joke goes, is murdering your parents and then throwing yourself on the mercy of the court because you are an orphan.

But Northwest Airlines continues to write new definitions for the word. Today, Northwest Airlines proudly announced that it has again been chosen as the “charter airline” for the Indianapolis Colts, Super Bowl XLI champions, for the coming NFL season.

Northwest said will utilize Boeing 757 and 747 aircraft, as well as anAirbus A330, to support the Colts' 10 road trips during the 2007 season.

"Northwest Airlines is pleased to be an official sponsor of the Indianapolis Colts and transport the team for the seventh consecutive year," said Bill Wernecke, director of charter department for Northwest.

Northwest described its charter operations this way: “One of the preferred charter carriers in the college and professional sports world, Northwest will serve as charter airline for a number of athletic teams in 2007, including 10 NCAA Division I college football teams and eight NFL teams.”

Well. Isn’t that nice. They’re diverting 757s, 747s and an A330 to charter ops.

And what is it those of us without Super Bowl rings most associate these days with Northwest Airlines?

Delays! Cancellations! Unavailability of extra airplanes to handle demand! Service that evokes Albania in 1972!

Here’s some news Northwest wasn’t crowing about yesterday. In July, according to, Northwest cancelled 1,895 flights, the most by far of any airline. In August, with no real relief in sight, Northwest has reduced its schedule by another four percent.


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Dream said...

Unavailability of extra airplanes to handle demand! Service that evokes Albania in 1972!

Actually - in 1972 there were very, very, very few flights into Albania (Tarom, CAAC, Malev, Interflug, Alitalia had just started and would stop the route within a couple of years - that's about it). Unless you had a permission to fly into or out of Albania - borders were tightly controlled by the communist dictatorship - I don't think there were that many (if any) delays and cancellations there, nor do I think the flights were anywhere near full