Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Morning News: Oh NO! Not the Dread Cathy Badge!

If you're traveling in Bangkok this summer and you happen to see a cop wearing an armband with a pink Hello Kitty face on it, do not be unduly alarmed. It just means the officer has committed a minor departmental infraction, like showing up for work late, and is being punished by having to wear a humiliating pink armband depicting a cute kitty cat, as reported today in the Times.

"It will be very embarrassing to walk around with Hello Kitty on your arm," one officer confided to the paper, which added: "Stronger measures could be next for corruption and other more serious infractions."

Like the Garfield Guilt Seal? The Snoopy Sash of Sorrow? Or, horrors: the Cathy Badge!


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