Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Airline Problems: An Angry God; The Goats Are Smote

Cute little goat: The greatest sacrifice?

Frustrated by a recurring technical problem that mechanics couldn't fix on its Boeing 757 aircraft, Nepal Airlines sacrificed two goats "so that all would be well with its aircraft," according to the Kantipur Daily, Nepal's main newspaper.

The airplane kept having flight problems "despite its engineering department's untiring efforts," the newspaper reported.

Finally, the airline's engineering chief, PSB Kansakar, "found the root cause of the problem in his dream last night: God was angry, as the corporation had not appeased him by sacrificing goats."

According to the newspaper, the goats were slaughtered, I mean sacrificed, Sunday afternoon at the Nepal Airlines hanger at Tribhuvan International Airport. Top executives of the airlines "were present to offer worship and goat blood to the deity," the newspaper said.

Though the unfortunate goats joined the Choir Invisible in the effort, the problem was not resolved by Sunday night, when a departing flight had to return to the airport with the same technical problems.

A photographer for Kantipur Publications was arrested and later fined "after taking photos of the sacrifice," the newspaper reported.

Ok, ok, let's get it out of our system, shall we. Don't Let the Airlines Get Your Goat ... Goat F--- in Nepal ... Airline Kills 2 Kids ...


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