Monday, September 10, 2007

Brazil Crash: The CPI Report

[Left, the Amazon crash site where the Gol 737 went down with 154 aboard. Right, the damaged business jet after its emergency landing last Sept. 29 at an Amazon air strip.]

Here (and also on my Brazil blog) is a link to the 170-page report by the Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry in Brazil on the Sept. 29 crash and the ensuing crisis in Brazilian aviation. The English translation is by Richard Pedicini, in Sao Paulo, who has been kindly translating for this blog since last November. Mr. Pedicini's Translator's Notes indicate where Brazilian authorities made errors of fact in the investigation and in their summary report, and where the Portuguese translation of English-language cockpit recordings of the two American pilots was imprecise or, in a few cases, inaccurate.


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Claudio said...

Unbelievable as it may, it all started in 1996,YEAH!!!, when after an accident in GRU the Controller from the TWR was blamed after a left turn of a Learjet on night "f.." dark GO AROUND and the subsequent death of a POP Band, Local Police got in the way and the rest of the story You know better then me. Ever since the ATC is trying hard not to be judged in local "f.." corrupt system.
I am deeply sorry but the adjective above is the only one that applies for I am Brazilian and I "F.." K N O W