Thursday, September 13, 2007

Southwest Sharia: Air Taliban Strikes Again

A Southwest Airlines flight attendant made a 21-year-old woman cover herself with a blanket because the flight attendant complained that her halter dress was too skimpy when she boarded a flight. The report on KNBC-TV in Los Angeles is the second in the last week about young women being humiliated by Southwest because their clothing was deemed inappropriate. (See my post of Sept. 9.)

The woman, Setara Qassim, told KNBC-TV that on a flight home to Burbank from Las Vegas a flight attendant told her to put a sweater on because she didn't like her outfit . The temperature was over 100 degrees. “Why would I pack a sweater in the heat?” Ms. Qassim asked (risking, in my opinion, being hauled down to Guantanamo for possible seditious interference with a flight crew not to mention violation of Southwest Sharia.)

So she had to wrap a blanket around herself to be able to fly.

That report follows one last week about a 23-year-old college student, Kyla Ebbert, who was humiliated by a male agent named Keith on a Southwest plane in San Diego because, Snippy the Fashion Cop said, her clothing was inappropriate. What was inappropriate, she asked. “All of it,” Snippy the Fashion Cop said.

Southwest, many people might recall, is an airline that once made its strewardesses dress in hot pants and boots.

Leave it to the Associated Press, by the way, to find the most precious possible perch from which to scold. The A.P. story on Ms. Qassim’s encounter quotes one “Lynda White, who teaches etiquette classes and calls herself "The First Lady of Manners." The A.P .reports that this worthy feels that “young people have gotten lax on what to wear and how to act -- possibly influenced by Hollywood stars. She recommends 'business-casual' outfits for the plane because you might be seated next to a potential employer or business contact. If you wear provocative clothing, tattoos, or you smell of alcohol or cigarettes, who's going to believe you?" she said.

Hey A.P., as they would have said on my old block, “Tattoo this!”


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