Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Effete Eastern Elite Liberal College Hands Iran Nitwit His Butt in a Basket

Two words on today's best news story:

Go Columbia.

And oh, shame on the Great Satan, the Columbia reception has caused the Iranian government to become all upset.

I also liked the New York Post headline: "Little Man on Campus."


More from the morning news:

--Am delighted to see that the vastly underappreciated Fifth Stooge, Stumpy, is returning to show business...

--I love it when editors of lame local newspapers that no longer actually make the effort to cover the news get into these sad, hand-wringing winge sessions over some friggin' comic strip. These editors love to throw around the term "family newspaper," as if Mom, Dad, Johnny and Susie still sprawl around the living room on Sundays with the funnies.

Various unhappy people have denounced the funnies since the Yellow Kid first came out.

And one thing I've learned when some local editor uses the term "family newspaper." It's always because he or she is deeply, deeply afraid of some reader being unhappy.

Hey Skippy: There's always going to be someone trying to intimidate you. Editors used to be able to take a little heat from sad sacks who have nothing better to do than worry about the comics.


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