Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Plane Disaster in Iran: At Least 17 Dead

[Photo: An Ilyushin Il62 passenger aircraft]

There's been another fatal plane disaster in Iran. An Aria Air flight with 160 on board skidded off the runway during an emergency landing and crashed into barricades in the city of Mashhad. At least 17 were killed as the plane caught fire.

The plane was a Russian-built long-range Ilyushin Il62. Here's a link to the specs on that aircraft. It was operated by Aria Air, an Iranian airline.

Less than two weeks ago, another Russian-built airliner, a Tupolev Tu154 operated by Iran's Caspian Airlines, crashed in a fireball after takeoff, killing 168.


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ChefNick said...

I'm so reassured that those fierce Russian engineers are tirelessly on the job. Christ, the cost in vodka alone must be fueling every Tupolev ever built, let alone the pilots!

Yay, yay, for Russia, Aeroflot and Dimitri, the autopilot. Hip, hip hurray and another toast to the Great Leader!