Monday, July 13, 2009

So You Think You're a Runner ...

Well, lookit this footrace, one of the most grueling in the world: the Badwater Ultramarathon, which started this morning in Death Valley, Calif., covers the blazing desert, and proceeds nonstop 135 miles to Mt. Whitney, where it ends at nearly the 5,000-foot level.

By the way, the weather forecast is for a high of 121 degrees today in Death Valley. Standard weather there for July. In some years, the race has been run at 130 degrees.

[UPDATE 2 PM PDT: From the Badwater Web site, a Twitter update says: "# Ashley Fantz of CNN is embedded with the race. She ran the 1st 17 miles & wanted to go further, but needs to write her story & prep video. 22 minutes ago."

My comment: Yeah, sure, the old "I'm on deadline" excuse. On the other hand, Ashley did run for 17 miles in blazing desert heat. Me, I'm also on deadline today -- and the only place I've run is downstairs to the refrigerator.]


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