Monday, July 06, 2009

This Will Not Stand

Ryanair is the Al Sharpton of airlines. Any possible chance to get publicity, Ryanair is on the scene.

Today there's another breathless story from Ryanair, in a British newspaper, the Mail. It quotes Ryanair's founder Michael O'Leary, a master of PR who recently got tons of publicity saying he was considering putting pay toilets onto the low-cost European carrier's fleet, as now saying Ryanair is thinking about having standing-room-only passengers.

Trust me, this idea ain't flying. Ever. It's a stunt.

Reminds me that some years ago, a gullible reporter in the U.S. managed to stir up a squall of publicity with his exclusive report -- which remains exclusive to this day -- that Airbus was planning to have a "standing-room-only" section on its (still undelivered at the time) A380 superjumbo jets. Turns out the reporter-with-the-scoop had based his half-baked reporting on pie-in-the-sky schematics Airbus engineers had played with and quickly abandoned, and which someone slipped him. The rest of us, including Boeing engineers, had quite a belly-laugh with that.


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