Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween in Los Angeles: A Cool Suggestion

If you happen to be in Los Angeles on Halloween night, here's a suggestion. Go to see the screening of the 1922 silent-film vampire classic Nosferatu at the magnificent Walt Disney Concert Hall downtown.

It will be accompanied by Clark Wilson playing the hall's great pipe organ, and presented in the way the film was designed to be seen.

The Disney hall is one of the great concert halls in the country. There's not a bad seat in the joint, and the acoustics are wonderful. My wife and I heard Mahler's Sixth there with Michael Tilson Thomas conducting the Los Angeles Philharmonic and it was a transformational musical experience (except for the lout whose cell-phone rang just as that last sublime chord faded out -- ouch!)

Anyway, here's the phone number for tickets: 323-850-2000. If I were going to be in Los Angeles that night, I wouldn't miss it.


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