Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some Business-Aircraft Use Is On the Rise, But Heavy-Metal Jet Flights Languish and Fractionals Remain Down

In September, business aircraft flying in the United States was at the highest level since October 2008, near the start of the recession, according to flight data tracked by ARGUS TRAQPak. Data are based on serial-number specific aircraft arrivals and departures.

Turbo-prop aircraft accounted for much of the increase, including in the troubled fractional-aircraft market where turbo-prop flights were up 24.4 percent while flights for fractional-owned jets were down in all categories.

Overall business aircraft activity increased 2.7% from August 2009. Compared to September 2008, the increase was .4%. In all categories, Turbo-prop aircraft activity showed the strongest recovery at 11.1%, with large-cabin jet aircraft activity showing the greatest decline at -12.7% as compared to September 2008. ARGUS estimates the percent change of flight activity, rolling month over month, for the last twelve months is up an average of .71% per month. Total flight activity for the last twelve months as compared to the previous twelve months is off -20.28% (Oct. 07–Sept. 08 vs. Oct. 08–Sept. 09).


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