Friday, June 18, 2010

Advice From a Reformed Hotel Housekeeper

Recommended reading in Salon today -- advice from a former hotel housekeeper. I often wondered about using the coffee maker (even as I used it), but whoa ... (Not for the easily-queasied).


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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir:

Regrettably, we now live in a society where product integrity has sunk to all new low. The occasional roach on the buffet or the smudged glass on the vanity will forever make a good travel story, but the frequency with which greater, and more disgusting stories occur is indicative of an industrywide quality-control breakdown.

Every community in the US (at least) as a health department that should be looking into these issues. Considering the taxes that travelers (or their companies are assessed), room cleanliness should be routinely monitored by local or state authorities, who should earn that revenue in some capacity.

Naturally, violations can be handled discretely at first, and then more publicly if they continue. Of course, it should be noted that guests who throw condoms in coffee pots or who traffic in bedbugs have no business in hotels in the first place.

John Stone