Monday, June 14, 2010

That's the Spirit (Continued)

If you're one of the unlucky thousands stranded since Saturday by Spirit Airlines, which has canceled all flights through at least Wednesday because of a pilots' strike, please note that the current language on the Spirit Web site no longer mentions refunds. It says:

"If you are scheduled to fly Spirit on Saturday, June 12 – Wednesday, June 16, 2010, we would like to offer you a flight credit for the full amount of the unflown portion of your trip that is valid for one year from the original booking date. Spirit will also provide you a $100 voucher for future travel for your inconvenience and to thank you for your continued support."

Yessir, they sure would like to to offer you that flight credit for what you paid, valid for a year. This means, you see, that they get to keep your money.

Instead, get a refund. It's futile to call the Spirit 800 number to demand a refund, not a "flight credit." That's because the hold time is four hours plus.

But take my advice if you're stuck with a Spirit ticket, assuming you bought it with a credit card. Call your credit card company and ask them to refund your money based on the fact that the service was not provided by Spirit.

And never buy an airline ticket with a debit card, which doesn't have the same refund provisions that a credit card must by law have.


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