Monday, June 14, 2010

Spirit Airlines Cancels Wednesday Flights Too

Spirit Airlines has now canceled its flights through Wednesday, which will bring to five the number of days Spirit has scrubbed its schedule and stranded its 16,500 daily passengers since the airline's pilots went on strike Saturday morning.

Spirit continues to tell customers to call its customer service line for refunds or re-bookings, promising a $100 voucher as well. But people are spending hours on hold at the Spirit line, usually before giving up in disgust.

My strong advice continues to be: If you have a ticket on a canceled Spirit flight, call your credit card company for a refund for service not provided and forget about that $100 voucher of dubious value. (If you bought your ticket with a debit card, you're not covered by the fair-credit law, incidentally, so you're as much at Spirit's mercy as someone who paid cash.)

And my advice is, do not book on Spirit -- at least so long as this situation is unresolved. The airline has been giving very short notice on flight cancellations and, if and when it does return to its regular service, there will be a very large backlog of stranded customers to accommodate.


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