Sunday, July 01, 2012

Driving in France? Blow Into le Bag Starting Today

...or at least have le bag in the car.

Starting today, the nanny state of France requires you to have an approved Breathalyzer device in your car when driving there. Actually, they're recommending that you buy two, just in case you might use one -- and do not try to suss the logic of that or your head could explode.

Here's the link with all you need to know from the Breathalyzer industry, which no doubt is busy, busy, busy lobbying to try to have lucrative laws like that one passed elsewhere.

Not here in the U.S., you say? Well, not bloody likely, I agree. On the other hand, Americans in a lot of states do kind of passively accept those disgraceful traffic red-light and speed cameras, and the road to le bag is a slippery slope.



See also said...

It is absolutely untrue that evidence shows that red-light and speed cameras reduce traffic fatalities. The "studies" that are always put out on this come from the red-light camera industry, and have been shown to be bogus. Actually, these cameras cause more rear-end and other accidents at intersections where people are now terrified about being "flashed" and slam on the brakes as soon as they sense a yellow light. The red-light camera industry is not to be trusted, and lots of cities -- Los Angeles, for example -- have exposed these phony "studies."

Anonymous said...

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (which is not part of the "red-light camera industry" has done the best work in this field (see The Institute found that the number of red light fatalities (about 2/3 of which were fatalities of individuals who were not driving the offending vehicle)decreased dramatically at intersections with cameras and significantly at other intersections in red-light camera cities.

The Institute also found that a majority of individuals support red-light cameras, but opponents have become increasingly vocal.

I trust that you don't run red lights with or without cameras, Joe.