Friday, December 14, 2012

Another TSA Fiasco

Child in wheelchair hauled off because some dumb TSA hump decided 1. There was "explosives residue" on the girl's hands and 2. Girl's mother -- protesting this idiocy -- had become "hostile."

Link, with video taken by the mother, a clearly sensible woman who was appalled at the treatment her daughter received, and the immediate reaction by the screener to accuse a parent of being disrespectful -- as if that screener were some kind of Third World cop.

The TSA will never reduce the public contempt it faces until it cracks down on the (small minority) of screeners who think they can behave like members of Central American goon-squads. Rather than just disciplining individual miscreants, the TSA needs to start disciplining the supervisor on site for misbehavior and stupidity of screeners at any given airport.

I'm talking to you, DFW. And hey, LAX, where do you think you're going?


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Marker said...


How do we break this mentality whereby any question - and I mean ANY questions, even legitimate ones - are immediately treated as insubordination and grounds for Tasing? I see this among TSA individuals as well as flight crews.