Thursday, December 27, 2012

Department of Worthless Surveys, Air Travel Division

Whenever I see that the source of a particular piece of news is the U.K., I slip on my skeptical specs.

And here today we see, getting some mileage in slooow-day news reports where editors know nothing about travel (which is nearly all of them), a survey on flight attendants' pet peeves about passengers that seems to reflect realities that haven't been real in several decades.

It's via Skyscanner, a British (uh-oh) site that purports to have its finger on the pulse of air travel, and purports to have surveyed 700 "cabin crew members" (translation: flight attendants) on their complaints about passengers. (I'm waiting for a survey of passengers on their complaints about flight attendants, but oh well).

Annotated in my italics:

Top complaint (26 percent); "Clicking fingers to get your attention." Now really, when is the last time you saw that on a flight, or even had the presumption that a flight attendant had the time, or inclination, to respond? 

No. 5: "Talking through the safety demo." Yes, let us not deny the flight attendant the opportunity to explain how to buckle that seat belt without distractions from a passenger in the middle seat of row 28, arms pinned to his side as the five-hour flight begins, gasping for air.

No. 6: "Asking for more blankets/pillows." More?!!

No. 8: "Asking for a different meal." Different meal?!! They don't even pass out peanuts these days.

No. 10: "Asking for a specific brand of drink." Coffee, tea, or you're under arrest for disrupting a flight.

Here's the link to this giddy survey.


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