Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Scene from last week's White House Correspondents Association annual dinner. Oops, sorry, wrong image. That's actually some courtiers at Versailles. Same difference, though.

And here is an example of your pledge-drive dollars at work. N.P.R., near the end of this report, says it bought four tables at the White House Correspondents Association annual kiss-ass fest in which the Washington "press corps" cuddles up with White House officials and various celebrity-escorts.

Meanwhile, two amusing clips on other aspects of the media:

The first, a parody of 24-hour TV's breathless, clueless immediacy, almost seems real. It's from Onion News Network, via

And I just caught up on this -- "Meet the Press (For Idiots)" -- from Conan O'Brien, via Mediababe in February on ...


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