Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Support Our Troop

Those of you who have been e-mailing around this unpatriotic photo of Vice President Dick ("Deferrals") Cheney sitting next to some scowling old lady in a Dr. Seuss hat, who herself is sitting in front of a person who appears to be Carmen Miranda's kid sister -- STOP IT IMMEDIATELY!!!

Show some respect! That's because Mr. Cheney, the warrior who opted out of service in Vietnam by obtaining five draft deferrals because he had "other priorities," is now In Country. 'Ten HUT!

That's right, Mr. Cheney has made a surprise visit to Baghdad, marking the second time since the recent let's-go-shopping visit of Senator John ("Bombsaway") McCain that an American in Baghdad has had adequate security.

I think the Vice President qualifies for a campaign medal for finally having been in a war zone, if even for just a day. Just don't issue him a weapon. If they do, remember: Duck! (I mean the imperative, not the delicious critter).

Meanwhile, another warrior who conspicuously failed to serve in the military, Rudy Giuliani, is carved a new one in this story in Slate, which is accompanied by a slide show depicting Mr. Giuliani in various poses in drag. These, alas, are not doctored photos.


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