Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Morning News ...

---Re: Man arrested for running on runway at Heathrow. If he was flapping his arms, my guess is he was just desperately trying to depart on time.

---Just saying: Can the news media please stop prominently referring to that poor soul of a 22-year-old prostitute, the one who brought down the august Client 9, as being from a "broken home?" What the hell kind of a pinch-face Pius XII-era term is that? All reporters, editors or publishers who print or broadcast it ought to be able to swear that they come from a home unaffected by divorce.

---Note No. 2 on the same subject that everybody in New York can't stop talking about: What exactly does $5,000 get you, anyway? ("Royally screwed," someone told me). Anyway, that's the question every male I know has been asking. There was a time when dinner and a couple of rum and cokes and being really nice and funny and ... well, never mind, that was back when Kennedy was running around the White House pool with hookers. Who knew?

---Note No. 3: This one is serious. The 22-year-old hooker that everyone is being so gleeful about is a Jersey girl. "A Jersey tomato," as some of the snickering louts in the media have put it. If I were still a city editor, I'd send a couple of smart reporters out on this story: That filthy dung-hill of a town, Atlantic City, has now lured two generations of poor, messed-up girls from South Jersey and the Jersey Shore into all levels of prostitution -- hotel high-end and motel low-end. My hunch is that the former Ashley Youmans, later known as Ashley Alexandra Dupre (accent on the "e," godhelpus), was one of them.


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