Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Super Jumbo Jam?

[Above: The A380, configured at 555 seats. Now add about 400 seats.]

Several years ago, I heard from aviation sources that the then-still-unveiled Airbus A380 super-jumbo jet was in fact designed to carry nearly 1,000 people in an all-coach configuration. That was back when the media were all dutifully referring to the double-decker behemoth as a "550-seat" plane, which in fact is roughly in the seat-range that most of its buyers have configured their A380s at. (In fact, usually fewer).

But it was obvious to me that while most would fly in three-class configurations, some of these planes would ultimately be used at full capacity, sans frills. And so, it is suggested in this speculative report by the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation, it may well soon do so. Emirates announced today that it is starting a new low-cost carrier.

Emirates has 58 A380s on order. Ergo ...


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DTC said...

ElAl routinely packs 520 in all Economy 747s during peak season.