Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Morning News ...

---Disruptions continue at Heathrow's new Terminal 5, heralded (until it actually opened on Thursday) as the crown jewel of British Airways. No one really knows how many bags have gone missing, but 15,000 is the current estimate. And, of course, recriminations are flying.


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makalu said...

For the price of one week in Iraq a virtually impregnable barrier could quickly be built. Despite what the governor says the technology is there and it's not all that sophisticated. The height of the wall is not the issue at all.
The political will to do so is lacking though. The businesses that rely on cheap illegal labour won't easily be cured of their addiction. Nor will the Mexican upper classes cease to ship off their surplus of poor, illiterate, unemployable peasants to the north unless forced to do so by fundamentally changing their corrupt economic and political system.
The video is hilarious although many of those professional jobs may soon be outsourced also.