Wednesday, April 09, 2008

American Airlines Meltdown Day 3: 900 More Flights Scuttled for Thursday

File this under: Wait! Wait! It Could Get Worse!

Now that it unexpectedly canceled half its schedule today -- 1105 cancellations so far of 2266 flights scheduled -- after indicating yesterday that "some" more flights could be scuttled, American Airlines says it has canceled another 900 flights tomorrow.

Here is the American announcement.

That's 900 canceled flights for tomorrow that they're already copping to. Who knows how many more than 900 actually bite the dust tomorrow? The weather is turning bad again in Dallas.

This afternoon, as if things were not absurd enough, American sent Dan Garton, its vice president of marketing -- marketing! -- out to assure the house reporters that too much was being made of these so-called safety concerns and of American's failure to meet FAA criteria on wiring on its 300 MD80s. "From my perspective, these were not huge errors," he said.

I gotta go order a pizza. And go watch television. Before. My. Freakin'. Head. Explodes.


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