Monday, April 28, 2008

United: Yoo Hoo, US Air?

Whoa, did Continental Airlines totally diss United Airlines yesterday or what? I mean, it was one thing to tell United to get lost. But, as you can see from their joint statement linked here yesterday, Continental CEO Larry Kellner and president Jeff Smisek said that the need to protect Continental's "significant cultural, operational and financial strengths" finally won out in the decision not to merge with United.

Was the well-run Continental basically telling the not-so-well run United that they stink?

Anyway, United has sucked it up and is looking for somebody else to take to the prom, specifically US Air, according to this report from Reuters -- which, by the way, has become this country's most reliable and heads-up wire service in my opinion.

Meanwhile, United CEO Glenn Tilton issued this statement: "Our strategy is consistent. Consolidation is underway -- ensuring you have the right partner is everything. We will pursue all options to ensure a strong, sustainable future for our airline and will not shy away from the tough choices necessary to create value for our shareholders and benefit our employees and customers."

So there.


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