Saturday, April 26, 2008

O'Hare Messed Up

That's an all-purpose headline I'll save for regular use as the "it's snowing" excuse gives way to the "it's raining" excuse for massive delays and cancellations at Chicago O'Hare. Or fill in the blank with your favorite major airport.

Last night, the always-nimble Associated Press reports, "more than 30" flights were canceled at O'Hare because of thunderstorms.

Wait. Let me put on my reading specs for a minute. Hmmmm. It says here at that there were 421 flights canceled yesterday during the afternoon and evening at O'Hare. As usual, the AP has got the scoop, because 421 canceled flights is definitely "more than 30."

By dinnertime yesterday, O'Hare flights were running at an on-time rate of less than 10 percent. And O'Hare is still messed up today, though it's merely partly cloudy in Chicago.


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