Thursday, April 03, 2008

ATA Airlines Folds


ATA Airlines ceased operations at 4 a.m. today after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection yesterday. The link above is an F.A.Q. for customers from the airline.

The Indianapolis-based low-cost carrier — which also did business as a charter-flight supplier for the military — blamed soaring fuel prices and the unexpected cancellation of a military contract.

Here’s the ATA announcement.

ATA flew between Chicago Midway and Dallas, Oakland, Guadalajara and Cancun in Mexico, as well as to Hawaii from Oakland, L.A., Phoenix and Las Vegas. It is the second carrier with Hawaii operations to go out of business this week. Aloha Airlines declared bankruptcy over the weekend and ceased operations on Monday.

ATA had over 2,200 employes, including 600 pilots and 800 flight attendants.

[If you have an ATA ticket purchased with a credit card, remember — as my friend Joe Brancatelli always points out — that you can call your credit-card company and get a refund for services not delivered.]


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