Friday, August 13, 2010

Heads-Up On Strike Threat At Heathrow and Other UK Airports

I am weary, and wary, of saber-rattling statements by British unions threatening strikes they don't have the ability to really pull off. But just in case, here's a heads-up on a strike threatened at Heathrow and 5 other British airports as early as next week.

It involves unions working at BAA, the Spanish company that operates many UK airports. The two big unions, Unite and Prospect (when did unions start adopting names that sound like consumer-hygiene products?) are planning talks with BAA officials to avert what they say could be a strike that would shut down Heathrow, Stansted, Southampton, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. The unions represent airport staff, firefighters and security workers.

Here's the story in the Guardian. If you're planning travel through Heathrow or those other airports next week, you might want to stay in touch with this situation.



Anonymous said...

In terms of unions that can't pull off strikes you might want to get your facts straight. Unite are already in the midst of strikes via the BA cabin crew.

See also said...

...And the facts are that Unite failed to bring BA to a halt, or even to significantly disrupt service.