Friday, August 13, 2010

Why the 'Terror Babies' Will Win: TSA Fails to ID 3 Kids Flying On Nashville Lark

Some media think it's amusing that three Florida kids, ages 15, 13 and 11, gathered up $700 in what one later described as "baby-sitting money," and got on a plane and flew from Jacksonville to Nashville without having any identification among them. Or without having informed their parents.

And here I thought the fear of "terror babies" was just another paranoid delusion of some loons in Congress.

"I just wanted to fly," said 15-year-old Bridget Brown. "I had the money." Yep, if not the common sense of a beanbag. But hey, who expects common sense from a 15-year-old? Here's a story about it.

Southwest Airlines is taking a media pasting for letting them on board, but my concern is, of course, the TSA. The kids had no ID's. Somehow they sailed through security and flew.

Ha-ha. ... I guess.


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