Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Of Course the TSA's Body Scanners Can Store Those Images

What is it, August already and the sensible editors are at the beach? Nothing else accounts for the amount of attention being paid today to breathless reports (yeah, Drudge breathing the heaviest as usual) saying that -- gasp! -- the body-scanning strip search machines can in fact store images of nekkid passengers.

Oh come on, they're computers. Of course they can store the images they generate. I reported ages ago that the TSA admits the machines can store images, but insists they won't. Which we also know not to be true.

At least there are a couple of useful links in this piece to pdf documents from the TSA giving full specs on the machines rapidly being purchased.

And by the way, the robotic images the TSA likes to use (and which the media swallow every time) as indicative of the images the machines produce are also a joke. They're body-scanning computers, fer God's sake. The machines produce images of a naked body.

How else do you suppose that hapless TSA screener in Miami lost it and got into a fight with his supervisor because he felt the supervisor and others ridiculed him for the size of his penis as shown on a body-scanner image? Here's a link to the very weird incident. And here is the TSA's hy-larious response to it.

There is a link to the actual arrest report, via


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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir:

These devices are the next step to enabling representatives of various federal agencies to actually assume more responsibilty than they are afforded by Congress solely on the basis of their penis size.

Fondest regards,
John Stone