Sunday, August 22, 2010

More 'Grabby-Grabby' From the TSA

Mission creep again at the TSA, which confirms to the Boston Herald newspaper that it is testing aggressive "enhanced patdown" procedures that allow screeeners to more intimately feel up passengers who get selected for a patdown inspection. Here's the link.

Boston and Las Vegas are the two lucky places where this is being tried out.

Pat attention to this, because patdowns are going to become more common as these body-scanner machines, described by critics as strip-search machines, come on line at U.S. airports. Trigger those machines with, say, a handkerchief in your pocket, and off you go to feel-up land.

This cannot work out well. Women especially are vulnerable to this, and especially women who are breast cancer survivors and who wear prosthetic bras, which did not trigger the metal detectors but which will trigger the body scanners. Step over here, ma'm ...


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Anonymous said...

I guess I was fortunate to have gotten "the back of the hand" when I refused to go through the strip ray machine at Logan back in June. Now it will be the feel you up, grop grop especially of women. And what about the men who have penile implants - and do not want to be e-rayed - will they get a tug on the implant to see if it is a viagra moment or an implant?
Pretty soon we will all be strip searched in public. "now bend over"