Saturday, July 09, 2011

Goodbye to Space Shuttle Technology and All That

...And good riddance to this empty-science boondoggle that's based, essentially, on TNT strapped to a tin can with people inside -- while media weep lachrymose tears. Total cost of this program: $200 billion. Yield: Tang, some dramatic photos (including tragic ones), plus decades of mind-numbing purple prose from the Victorian Gentlemen of the Space Program Press Corps.

Time now to renew and rejuvenate our serious, scientifically thrilling efforts in exploring the actual universe -- you know, real outer space, unmanned, and not focus on a piece of junk barely in orbit, a mere 200 miles up?



ChefNick said...

Yeah, uh . . . umm . . . just WHAT IS IT that SkyLab ever did? Grow sprouts upside down?

What DOES the Space Station do? I mean, what on EARTH does it, has it, did it ever, or will it ever do?

I cannot recall a SINGLE ACHIEVEMENT or statement of purpose for that thing, that's cost 14 lives so far . . . just a bunch of people with sweaty armpits floating around in zero-G, occasionally going outside to "fix" something . . . and that's it!

Is there some website somewhere that lists all the things the Space Station has achieved?





paleolith said...

I got a letter on this in last Sunday's web edition of the Sunday Dialog:

Personally I find the unmanned space program far more exciting than the manned program, which is severely hobbled by safety concerns.

Edward Reid