Thursday, July 07, 2011

TSA: Is That a Bomb in Your Hair or Are You Just From South Jersey?

The TSA hits just keep on coming.

Here's a story about a woman who was hauled aside to have her hair pawed through because it was deemed to be poofed. "We're going to have to examine your hair," a TSA screener told her.

These kinds of incidents never fail to remind me of the time I saw a woman in a full head-to-foot burka, face totally covered, being given a breezy wave through security in Detroit, with no attempt to match her face to her ID, because the TSA policy is that religious "sensitivity" trumps security. Allahu akbar, as they say when they pull the pin.

Or as Ron White says, "Ya can't fix stupid."

Meanwhile, in Florida, a TSA agent was fired for stealing passengers electronics and putting them down his pants. Ya can't make this stuff up


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