Wednesday, February 01, 2012

American Airlines Slashing Work Force

American Airlines plans to cut 13,000 jobs and terminate workers’ pension plans as part of a $2 billion cost savings while it operates in bankruptcy.

But not to worry, American says cheerily! The airline is going to "move forward on a decisive path," its CEO, Tom Horton, tells stunned employees in a letter.

Here's a link to that merry missive, and good for Ben Mutzabaugh at USA Today for actually supplying the text, rather than just paraphrasing it like most other reporters do.

American plans to "renew and optimize our fleet," Horton says. Read between the lines there and the message is that smaller planes, you know, the ones that provide connections in mid-sized and small markets, are headed for a permanent parking spot in the desert. Meaning, less service for you!

Let me venture a guess. This does not end well for American Airlines, and for America's rapidly deteriorating air-service network -- though of course the top bosses will be sure to be taken care of.


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