Friday, February 17, 2012

News Update: Drunk Pilot Barred From Frontier/Chautauqua Flight; Air Australia Suspends Operations, Stranding Thousands

News you can use:

A pilot due to fly a Frontier Airlines flight operated by Chautauqua Airlines was kept off a flight from Omaha to Milwaukee yesterday after he failed a blood-alcohol test. A hotel shuttle-bus driver reported smelling alcohol on the pilot, and the test was administered before he boarded the plane. Here's a link to that.

Elsewhere, more than 4,000 overseas travelers on the budget carrier Air Australia are stranded abroad after the airline suspended operations. Ran out of money for gas and other operating necessities, is the reason why.

Here's the link from Eturbonews.

[UPDATE FEB. 21 -- India's Kingfisher Airlines slashes flights, out of money. Story here.]

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