Friday, February 24, 2012

Our Fellow Citizens ...

...You know, the hopeless bozos whose vote on election day counts exactly the same as yours and mine?

This is what some of them attempted to bring onto airplanes last week, according to the well-done TSA blog.

That's 35 guns, incidentally. Ten of them loaded.



ChefNick said...

When I lived and taught English in Japan, I invited the 20-year-old daughter of a friend back in California to come to Japan to teach (she was not my girlfriend).

She was a knockout and she was very, very smart. She was also black, although I'm pretty sure that was nothing to do with what happened.

She came to Japan and settled in teaching at a different school, and we got together from time to time. One day I met her and she was terrified. "They found marijuana!"

I said "WHO found marijuana?" She told me the post office had found marijuana in a Caribbean "doll" she had had shipped to her in a "care package."

The matter had gone to the police, of course, and they were debating whether or not to imprison her or throw her out. We prayed it was the latter.

"But Nicole," I protested, "You must have KNOWN there was marijuana in the doll!!"

"No, no, I had no idea! Someone else MUST HAVE PUT IT THERE!!!"

That was the day I lost faith in my fellow human being.

(She ended up signing a letter of apology and going, chastened, back to work. I'm sure her good looks and intelligence had nothing to do with it.)

Jeremy P said...

Um, why are TSA officers discovering narcotics and what are they doing with that information? What does this have to do with transportation security? TSA drones are not LSO's and cannot arrest people. They only have the power to block people from entering the secure area. They have absolutely no right to be searching for narcotics, and even if some are found in the search for weapons, this information should be kept private just like any other personal item someone might be carrying.