Monday, February 06, 2012

Business Jet Jam-Up in Super Bowl Getaway

[Maps from, showing current conditions at Indianapolis airport and in regional airspace. Those jams aren't caused by normal Monday morning departures, but rather by the huge number of corporate jets trying to leave]

The several thousand houseboys and housegirls in the media who have been covering the same 25 stories in Indianapolis won't take note of this, but the anticipated jam-up is occurring at Indianapolis-area airports as the Masters of the Universe and their corporate clients leave town in their private jets.

The forecasts had been that the Super Bowl this year would see a record number (700 or more) of private aircraft arriving -- and, more to the point today, trying to depart.

That appears to have occurred.

More later today on the Super Bowl and another story the houseboyus and housegirls won't cover -- the fact that on the scene, it's strictly a corporate event, with lavish tax write-offs driving the wretched excess in game, party-event and hotel spending.

Right, on the scene, it's an event for the one percent.


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