Friday, March 09, 2012

Stop Presses: USA Today Says USA Wants Cheap Gas

USA Today, the newspaper given away mostly free that claims a paid circulation of, -- what? 3 billion daily? -- has really outdone itself in the self-parody department today.

Spring-summer travel season is not far away (and, of course, a big election looms -- and USAers, or whatever they call us in the frantic USA Today marketing/newsroom department, demand cheap gas, it seems. Or at least according to a survey of people so dumb or lonely that they'll answer the phone and respond to questions from an pollster. See this USA Today story headlined "Gas Prices Must Come Down, Consumers Say"

Yup, a Gallup Poll "finds" that "an overwhelming number of consumers — 85% — say Obama and Congress should take "immediate" action to keep a lid on prices."

Well, freaking duh.

Gallup, which produces some of the more risible polls for consumption by the more credulous media, also might ask if people favor "immediate action" to ensure world peace, end random puppy-killing, secure the borders from violent attack, save the planet without any unnecessary inconveniences, thank our troops and prohibit high cable TV bills.


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