Wednesday, March 14, 2012

TSA To Let Some Over 75 Keep Their Shoes On

The TSA says it will test modified screening procedures for passengers 75 and older starting March 19. They will be able to keep their shoes on, at the four airports chosen for the test program.

These procedures are similar to those last year for kids age 12 and under. They include no longer removing shoes and light outerwear.

Here are the airports where the test program will start March 19 at the following "select security lanes," says the TSA:

Chicago O’Hare: Security Checkpoint 3
Denver International: South Checkpoint/USA Flag Checkpoint
Orlando International: West Checkpoint
Portland International: ABC Checkpoint

The TSA says:

"These changes in protocol for passengers 75 and older could ultimately reduce – though not eliminate – pat-downs that would have otherwise been conducted to resolve anomalies. If anomalies are detected during security screening that cannot be resolved through other procedures, passengers may be required to remove their shoes to complete the screening process.

The procedures allow officers to better focus their efforts on passengers who may be more likely to pose a risk to transportation while expediting the screening process.

If proven successful, TSA will consider broader implementation."


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